Chief Inspector Donald Sutherland Swanson.

Sir Charles Warren was away on holiday himself during the first week of September and returned on the 7th September.

Once back he evidently realised that if the hunt for the killer was to be successful one man had to take over all charge of the investigation.

“I am convinced that the Whitechapel murder case…can be successfully grappled with if it is systematically taken in hand,” he dictated in a memo to the Home Office on 15th September. “I go so far as to say that I could myself unravel the mystery provided I could spare the time & give individual attention to it. I feel therefore the utmost importance to be attached to putting the whole Central Office work in this case in the hands of one man who will have nothing else to concern himself with.

The man chosen was Chief Inspector Donald Sutherland Swanson, a close personal friend of Andersons. Swanson was described by one contemporary as being “one of the best class of officers…”

According to Warren’s instructions Swanson was to be given his own office and “every paper, every document, every report, every telegram must pass through his hands. He must be consulted on every subject...”

As the officer with overall responsibility for the case (at least until Anderson’s return from holiday in early October, after he was the desk officer under Anderson) Swanson read and assessed all the information to do with the crimes, and as such gained an unrivalled knowledge of the Jack the Ripper murders.