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At more or less the exact moment that the body of Elizabeth Stride was being discovered in Dutfield’s Yard, another prostitute named Catherine or "Kate" Eddowes, was being released from Bishopsgate Police Station in the City of London.


At around 8.30pm the previous evening she had been entertaining a delighted a crowd of onlookers outside number 29 Aldgate High Street with a spontaneous, though drunken, imitation of a fire engine.

Having taken a bow, she lay down on the pavement and went to sleep!

PC Robinson of the City Police arrived on the scene and asked if any of the onlookers knew who she was or where she lived.

None of them did.

So Robinson hauled her to her feet and lent her against the wall. She promptly slid back down onto the pavement, no doubt to the further amusement of the crowd. Robinson summoned a colleague, PC George Simmons to his assistance and together they manhandled her round to Bishopsgate Police Station.

Here, when asked her name Kate replied, "Nothing."

The officers placed her in a cell and left her to sober up. She had soon fallen into a comatose sleep.

PC George Hutt, the City gaoler, came on duty at 10pm and took over the responsibility for the Prisoners in the cells. He checked on her several times over the next few hours, and found her still fast asleep each time he did so.


But by 12.15am she had woken and Hutt heard her singing softly.

Fifteen minutes later she called to him and asked when she would be allowed to leave. "When you can take care of yourself," Hutt called back. "I can do that now," came her reply.

At 12.55am he brought her from the cell and told her she could go. When he asked her name and address for the release papers, she told him it was 'Mary Ann Kelly of 6 Fashion Street.'


Discharging her from custody Hutt pushed open the swing door to the passage and said "This way Misses."

As she walked along the passage to the outer door, she asked him what time it was. "Too late for you to get anymore drink," observed Hutt. "I shall get a Damned fine hiding when I get home," she sighed as she opened the door. Hutt was not in the least bit sympathetic "And serve you right," he replied, "you have no right to get drunk."

As Kate left the station, Hutt asked her to shut the door behind her. "All right" she chirped "Good Night Old Cock."

So saying she turned left and headed off towards Houndsditch. According to Hutt’s later estimation it would have taken her around eight minutes "ordinary walking" to reach Mitre Square, during which time the murderer of Elizabeth Stride was also heading towards the square from the opposite direction.

The Last Sighting Of Catherine Eddowes.

The Body Of Catherine Eddowes Is Found In Mitre Square.