A definition of the word witness.


Resident of Pearl Street, Spitalfields

Rosetta Anderson claimed that on the evening of Wednesday, 19th September, 1888, she had encountered a "curious and mysterious man" on her doorstep.

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, carried the story of her encounter in its edition of Sunday, 23rd Spetember, 1888:-

On Thursday morning Rosetta Anderson made a statement to the effect that on Wednesday evening a "curious and mysterious man," as Mrs. Anderson herself describes him, placed himself on her doorstep, looked around him, and behaved in such an eccentric manner that she thought he was a maniac.

He intently watched every woman as she passed, but, observing that he was himself an object of suspicion, he suddenly darted out of sight up a court nearby.

Mrs. Anderson believes that this man was the murderer.

His appearance in almost every respect answered the description of the foreigner seen talking with the deceased woman [Annie Chapman] in Hanbury-street on the morning of her death.

The police are investigating the matter.

Strange to say, his appearance tallies somewhat with that of the man already alluded to."

Source: Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, Sunday, 23rd September, 1888.