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The Newspaper Editor

Philip Krantz was the editor of a Hebrew Socialist newspaper that was based at 40 Berner Street. His "office" was based in a room beneath the International Workmen' Educational Club, and adjoined Dutfield's Yard where Elizabeth Stride was murdered.

On Friday, 5th October, 1888, he appeared as a witness at the resumed inquest into the death of Elizabeth Stride.

The London Daily News published the following account of his testimony the next day:-

Philip Krantz:-

I live at 40, Berner-street, and am the editor of a Hebrew Socialist paper published at that address. I work in a room adjoining the printing room. It is on the ground floor of the club, and the entrance is from the yard.

I was in this room on Saturday last from nine p.m. until the discovery of the body.

I heard nothing until one of the members of the club came and told me that there was a woman lying the yard.

My window was not open, nor was the door.

There was singing upstairs; if it had been quiet I should have heard a scream, but I don't think I should have on that night in consequence of the music.

When I got outside, I saw a number of the a members of the club round the body of the woman.

I do not think it possible that any stranger could have escaped without notice after I arrived in the yard. He might have done so after Diemschitz left his barrow went into the club."

Source: The London Daily News, Friday, 5th October, 1888.