A definition of witness.


4 Star Place, Commercial Road.

Up until three weeks prior to her murder, Martha Tabram paid two shillings a week to rent a room in the house of Mary Bousfield at 4, Star Place, Commercial Road, and she lived here with William Turner.

However, in July, 1888, the couple got into arrears with their rent, and they suddenly decamped, leaving the rent unpaid.

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, published what Mary had to say about her lodgers in its edition of Sunday, 12th August, 1888:-

Mrs. Bousfield, in whose house she lived till three weeks back, states that she had resided in her house for two months with Turner.

The deceased had told her that her real name was either Staples or Stapleton, and that she had left her husband 13 years, and had taken up with Turner.

Both she and this man got their living by selling trinkets in the streets, such as studs, links, chains, and menthol cones. She used to stand in Cheapside and various places, whilst Turner occupied other ground.

Turner left her some few weeks ago, and then the deceased, who paid 2s. per week for her room, got two weeks in arrear, and as she could not pay she suddenly left."

Source: Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, Sunday, 12th August 1888.


Mary Bousfield, 4, Star-place, Commercial-road, deposed that Turner and the woman lived at her house till three weeks before her death.

She was a woman who would rather have a glass of ale than a cup of tea, but she did not get drunk.

Witness said that Turner was very good to her [Martha], and helped to support two children she had by her husband.

She was greatly in the witness's debt, and left without giving notice.

After that she returned and forced the window, and occupied the room one night without the witness knowing she was there."

Source: The Morning Post, Friday, 24th August 1888.