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Resident Of 1 Miller's Court

Julia Venturney - whose surname is variously spelt in the newspapers as Vanturney, Van Teurney and Vanternie - was a neighbour of Mary Kelly's, who appeared at the inquest into Mary's death on Monday, 12th November, 1888.

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, published a synopsis of her inquest testimony on Sunday, 18th November, 1888:-

Julia Van Teurney, a laundress, of No. 1 room, Miller's-court, was called, and said she knew the deceased and Joseph Barnett.

They appeared to live together very quietly, and Joe would not allow the deceased to go on the streets.

She [Mary Kelly] occasionally got too much to drink.

The deceased told witness that she had another man, named Joe also, of whom she appeared to be very fond. Witness believed this second Joe was I costermonger.

She last saw the deceased alive about 10 o'clock on Thursday morning.

Witness slept in the court that night, retiring to bed about eight o'clock. She could not sleep, but did not hear any noise in the court during the night."

She did not hear the deceased singing."

Source: Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, Sunday, 18th November, 1888.