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Member Of The International Workmen's Educational Club

Isaac Kozebrodski (his surname was also spelt as Kozebrodsky), was one of the first people to attend the scene of the murder of Elizabeth Stride.

He was present at the International Workmen's Educational Club when Louis Diemschutz came in to the club notify the other members that he had found a body in the yard.

Kozebrodski was the person who first accompanied Diemschutz back down to the yard.

The Western Times, reported on what happened next in its edition of Monday, 1st October, 1888:-

Diemshitz [sic] entered the club by the side door higher up the court and informed those in the concert room upstairs that something had happened in the yard.

A member of the club named Kozebrodski, but familiarly known as Isaacs, returned with Diemshitz into the court, and the former struck a match while the latter lifted the body up.

It was at once apparent that the woman was dead. The body was still warm an the clothes enveloping it were wet from the recent rain, but the heart had ceased to beat, and the stream of blood in the gutter, terminating in a hideous pool near the club door, showed but too plainly what had happened.

Both men ran off without delay to find policeman..."

Source: The Western Times, Monday, 1st October, 1888.


In April, 1889, Isaac Kozebrodski and Louis Diemschutz appeared in court as co-defendants charged with assembling and making a riot.

The Morning Post, reported on the case in its issue of Friday, 26th April, 1889:-

Lewis Diemshitz and Isaac Kozebrodski surrendered to their bail to answer an indictment charging them with assembling and making a riot, to the terror and disturbance of her Majesty's subjects, and also with assaulting and beating Israel Sunshine, Julius Barnett, Emanuel Snapper, Joseph Frost, and other persons...Kozebrodski, who was recommended to mercy, was ordered to pay a fine of £4, or in default one month's imprisonment, the money to be paid on the 6th of May."

Source: The Morning Post, Friday, 26th April, 1889.