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Deputy Lodging House Keeper

Frederick Wilkinson was the deputy lodging house keeper at 55, Flower and Dean Street, at which Catherine Eddowes and John Kelly had styed as man and wife.

He gave evidence on the first day of the inquest into her death.

The Globe published her inquest testimony in its edition of Thursday, 4th October, 1888. The Mr. Crawford referred to in the article was the City of London Solicitor, who was present to represent the City of London Police.


Frederick Wilkinson, the deputy of the lodging house in Flower and Dean Street, deposed to having known the deceased and Kelly for the last seven or eight years.

They lived on very good terms, never having more than a few words, and then only when the deceased was in drink.

He believed that the deceased got her living by hawking about the streets and cleaning for the Jews.

He had never seen her husband drunk, nor did the deceased stay out late at night.

By Mr. Crawford:- He saw the deceased on Saturday morning when he believed she was wearing an apron.

The distance from the lodging-house to Mitre-square was about half-a-mile.

He did not remember anyone taking a bed about two o'clock on Sunday morning.

The further examination of the witness was postponed for the production of his book."

Source: The Globe, Thursday, 4th October, 1888.


Having gone to fetch his book, Wilkinson returned to give more evidence.

The Evening Star published what he had to say on Friday, 5th October, 1888:-

The deputy of the lodging-house, Wilkinson (recalled), said that his book shewed that Kelly was sleeping in bed number 52, single.

It did not tell him the time the lodgers came in.

He said before that there were no strangers in on Saturday, but the book shewed that there were about six strange men sleeping there on Saturday night.

He did not remember any of the strangers coming in at two o'clock in the morning.

Witness could not call to mind if anybody went out soon after 12 o'clock at night.

Sometimes he has 150 persons sleeping at the lodging-house."

Source: The Evening Star, Friday, 5th October, 1888.