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Saw Her Go Off With A Man

In the aftermath of the murder of Frances Coles, which took place in the early hours of Friday, 13th February, 1891, a lady by the name of Ellen Callaran came forward to say that she may have seen the victim go off with her murderer.

The Times, revealed what she had seen in its edition of Saturday, 14th February, 1891:-

A woman named Ellen Callaran has stated that she was in the company of the deceased as late as two o'clock on Friday morning, and added "On Thursday night we were walking along Commercial-street, at about half-past twelve, having come out of the White Hart, George-yard, when we met a man, dressed in a sailor suit, with pea-jacket and cheesecutter hat.

He accosted me, and offered me half-a-crown.

I, however, refused, not liking his looks.

He caught hold of me, tore my jacket, and struck me on the face, giving me a black eye.

He made the same offer to Frances, and I left, after advising her not to go with him.

I saw them walk down Commercial-street in the direction of Leman-street.

The next thing I heard was this morning at five o'clock, when someone told me a woman had been murdered near Leman-street. I said at once, "I believe that's Frances."

After that I went to the police and told them.

They took me to the mortuary, and I identified her at once as Frances."

Source: The Times, Saturday, 14th February, 1891.