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She Was On Her Way To Work

Elizabeth Long is an important witness in establishing the approximate time of the murder of Annie Chapman.

At 5.30am on the morning of the 8th of September, 1888, she was on her way to work, and was walking along Hanbury Street. As she passed number 29 she saw a man and a woman talking together. She was later adamant that the woman was Annie Chapman.,

She gave her evidence at the inquest into Annie Chapman's death on Wednesday, 19th September, 1888:-

Elizabeth Long, married, and living in Church Row, Whitechapel, said:-

I never saw the deceased till Saturday morning, the 8th inst., when I was passing along Hanbury Street to the Spitalfields market. A public clock had just struck half past five when I passed No. 29 Hanbury-street, and I there saw a gentleman and lady standing on the pavement talking together.

I saw the woman's face and recognised it. I have seen the face of the deceased in the mortuary, and I recognise it the same. I am sure it is the same person.

I did not see the man's face. I only saw he had a brown hat on and he was dark. I cannot tell you what kind of clothes he had on, but I think he had a dark coat on. He was a man of over 40 years by the look of him. He appeared to be a little taller than the woman. In my opinion he looked like foreigner - very dark. He looked, I think, like what is called shabby genteel.

They were talking loudly; and I heard him say, "Will you?" The woman said, "Yes." That is all I heard.

I passed on. I did not see where they went, I went to my work. I see lots of men talking together as I pass along that hour of the morning. Hence I take little notice them.

I distinctly heard the clock strike half-past five just before I saw the woman.";

Source: The Globe Thursday, 20th September, 1888.