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Resident Of 30, Berner Street

Charles Letchford, a resident of Berner Street, was quoted extensively in the newspapers in the wake of the murder of Elizabeth Stride.

He had, he said, passed through the street at half-past midnight, thirty minutes before the body of Elizabeth Stride was found, and had seen nothing in the least bit unusual.

The Eastern Evening News, was one of several newspapers that featured a brief mention of him on Monday, 1st October, 1888:-

Charles Letchford, living at 30, Berners Street, says:-

"I passed through the street at half-past twelve, and everything seemed to me to be going on as usual, and my sister was standing at the door at ten minutes to one, but did not see anyone pass by.

I heard the commotion when the body was found, and heard the policeman's whistles, but did not take any notice of the matter, as disturbances are very frequent at the club, and I thought it was only another row."

Source: The Eastern Evening News, Monday, 1st October, 1888.